The Complete Guide to Choosing the Ideal Bridal Shower Gown

If the shower has a specific theme, stick with it. It will help you to decide what kind of jewelry, makeup, and accessories you should wear.


A bridal shower is a time for loved ones to celebrate before the wedding. It is an intimate event where childhood memories are retold, and advice is shared from older generations. Guests may be opening gifts and sitting for an extended period, so choosing an outfit that allows you to move freely is essential.

Taking the weather and location into consideration are also crucial factors. A floral sundress is perfect for warmer spring and summer bridal showers, while a chic pantsuit works well for fall or winter events.

The style of the dresses for bridal shower should reflect your personality. If you are a girly girl, a delicate lace dress is a lovely option to make the soon-to-be-mrs swoon. Choose a simple slip silhouette or add a feminine touch with rosette details or faux pearls.

If you are a more casual woman, try a midi dress with sleeves. Bell or puff sleeves are great additions that can create a more mod or ’70s look, while scalloped and embroidered details add a romantic feel.


Regarding bridal shower attire, you want to keep things feminine and light. Avoid anything too dark or attention-grabbing, which will overwhelm your look. Instead, opt for a soft, neutral, solid color or a floral print. Depending on your location, you may want to go with an earthy or summery theme, with natural fabrics (such as Linen maxi dresses | minimalisticLinen). A pantsuit or jumpsuit is also a great option if you want a little dressier.

Consider the bridal shower’s venue, season, and dress code when selecting your outfit. For example, a sun dress may be perfect for a summer bridal shower hosted by a friend, but it wouldn’t work well at a fall brunch in the bride’s mother’s home.

From ankle-grazing slip dresses like this satin cowl-back slip midi dress to form-fitting sheaths, there are plenty of options to suit every taste. If you’re in the mood for sleeves, there are many options, including bell sleeves, puff sleeves, and even a ruffled option.


The tone of a bridal shower can shift dramatically depending on the host. If the bride’s eccentric aunt is throwing the party, guests might feel more casual than if her future mother-in-law had set a dress code.

If the wedding is set for spring or summer, opt for a light floral or pastel bridal shower dress for a refreshing look that’s not too formal. Consider a darker burgundy or emerald green shade for a more traditional aesthetic if weddings occur in fall or winter.

If the bridal shower occurs at a friend or family member’s home, channel cottage-core with a boho midi dress in a breathable organic poplin-cotton fabric like this option with blouson sleeves and side cutouts for a romantic touch. If the bridal shower is more formal, a sheath dress in luxe fabrics like velvet or satin is a flattering choice. Wear a knee-length wrap dress with rosette detailing and faux pearl accents for a semi-casual bridal shower. It is trendy for tea-themed bridal showers.


A bridal shower is often a social event where the bride-to-be interacts with friends and family. As a result, the dress should be comfortable enough to allow for mingling and walking. It should also be appropriate for the occasion and the future bride’s style.

The season and the venue can also influence the type of bridal shower dress that the bride-to-be will choose. For example, if the wedding is in spring or summer, she can opt for floral frocks or dresses with eye-catching pastel shades. For colder months, a sheath dress made from a thick material or a sleeveless gown featuring colorblocking is a suitable choice.

Traditionally, a bridal shower involves female relatives and close friends of the bride-to-be who “shower” her with gifts in anticipation of her marriage. It’s when childhood memories are shared, and advice from older relatives is passed on. This intimate gathering may include games and activities that celebrate the new bride. It is often a women-only event, but some modern brides ditch the barriers and invite their male friends to attend.


While you want to ensure your bridal shower attire is stylish, it’s also important not to go overboard. “You don’t want to draw too much attention away from the bride, as this should be a celebration of her and not you,” Cartledge says.

That’s why keeping the theme and venue in mind when selecting an outfit is helpful. A sunny outdoor luncheon in the spring or summer calls for a floral dress, while an evening cocktail party in the fall or winter requires something more formal.

If the shower is at a friend or family member’s home, you may feel more comfortable in a sun dress with heels. If you’re attending a more formal affair, opt for a shimmery sequin or metallic brocade dress that will add the right amount of shine to your look. Alternatively, a classic silk midi slip dress and blazer will work perfectly if the shower is leaning toward traditional but with a twist.

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