4 Hacks To Keep Your Car Organized (Even With Kids)

Keeping your car clean and organized is tricky when you have kids. Sports equipment, sippy cups, reusable grocery bags, stray pencils, straw wrappers — someone is always packing something in and out of your vehicle. It never seems to end up where it’s supposed to, either. You already know clutter is frustrating, but did you realize it can be a safety hazard? Make your daily commute easier and safer with these four hacks.

1. Keep Your Car Interior Clean

A dirt-free car feels great and motivates you to keep it organized. Take 20 minutes a week to shake out your floor mats, wipe the dashboard, and pick up the wadded napkins. Enlist your children to help. It teaches them responsibility and may even deter them from throwing trash on the floor.

Keeping your interior tidy is an excellent habit, especially if you find a new MINI for sale and own a brand-new vehicle. You can keep that new car feeling much longer if you clean it regularly.

2. Keep Essential Documents Secured

Assign a place for your registration, insurance documents, maintenance records, and other important papers. The glove compartment is a good place — it is easy to reach from the driver’s seat, and many vehicles have locking glove boxes for security.

Having a designated spot for these documents is critical because you might not have time to search for them in an emergency. You will know where they are and won’t get flustered looking for them.

3. Pack an Emergency Kit

A first-aid kit is a must-have for every parent. Keep one handy under your seat, in your console, or another easy-to-reach place. Pack it with bandages, alcohol wipes, gauze, and antibiotic cream. Consider adding any prescription medications your family requires. Check the kit twice a year or so and replace any expired or damaged items.

Keep an emergency kit in your trunk with supplies such as:

  • Waterproof flashlight and extra batteries
  • Bottled water
  • Blankets
  • Duct tape
  • Sunscreen

You can keep your supplies together and organized in a crate, duffel bag, or box.

4. Use Car Organizers

Trash goes everywhere when it has no designated place. You can find many styles of car trash cans; most are soft-sided and have straps to secure them from spilling.

Organizers with pockets can be game-changers. Backseat organizers that hang from the front seat are great for kids. They can stow cups, tissues, hand wipes, and small toys. Trunk organizers are essential for groceries, sports equipment, and camping supplies. They help you contain items so your stuff doesn’t roll under seats or into crevices.

Use your car’s built-in cupholders, door pockets, and consoles. Loose items can become projectiles in an accident, but keeping them secured in compartments can reduce the risk.

Happy Families Ride in Clean Cars

Can an organized vehicle make your family happy? Well, it could make the ride safer and less stressful. Keeping your items contained, secured, and easy to reach can help you in an emergency and prevent dangerous distractions. Put a little effort into organizing your car, and you can get a big return on your time investment.

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