Tips For An Eco-Friendly New Year’s Celebration

Holidays can often mean not being particularly eco-friendly, but with some strategies, you can lesson your carbon footprint.  It is easy to make even some small changes for a more sustainable holiday.  Here are some tips to get started.

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Use eco-friendly decor

A lot of decorations are single-use, so think about using decor that is reusable or at least sustainable. For example, use less plastic, and more natural materials.  These could be paper confetti, compostable materials, or reusable items.

Also use LED lights where possible to reduce energy use.

Choose food items carefully

It is wonderful to support fair trade, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable companies, as well as local companies when you can.

Holiday foods can also mean a lot of packaging, so keep this in mind – stay away from things like single serve items. Bilk items usually have less packaging.

Don’t waste leftovers, and have a plan for any leftover food so that there is little to no food waste.

Shop locally & sustainably

When you are buying your celebration supplies, shop local.

This helps to support your local businesses, and buying local means a far smaller carbon footprint.  You can find just about anything from a food to wine.  There are usually good local wines or beer to choose from, or cheese for a charcuterie board.

Use reusable shopping bags and other reusable items

Don’t forget your reusable bags when shopping at the store. You can also find reusable produce bags and more eco-friendly food storage containers, such as glass or paper (instead of disposable bags).

Avoid disposable tableware

Using regular dishes can be a little more work, but it can reduce a lot of waste.  If you go with disposables, there are lots of good options such as palm leaf plates or other compostable items.

Make some eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions!

Now is a great time to make resolutions for a more eco-friendly year!


15 thoughts on “Tips For An Eco-Friendly New Year’s Celebration”

  1. The emphasis on reusable decor and shopping locally resonates with me. LED lights and sustainable choices in food packaging are excellent ideas to minimize environmental impact!

  2. Planning out your new year’s celebration is something so cost effective and being able to shop locally is also the way to go. This is a wonderful read, thanks for sharing and have a happy new year as well.

  3. Having an eco-friendly blog can be a wonderful way to ring in the new year because you can learn many great tips from this.

  4. Your tips for an eco-friendly New Year’s celebration are practical and thoughtful. I appreciate the emphasis on sustainability, from decorations to food choices. Your insights inspire a conscious and enjoyable way to welcome the New Year. Well done!

  5. The switch to LED lights not only adds a festive glow but also reduces energy consumption. Supporting fair trade, organic, and local companies for holiday goodies is a wonderful way to make a positive impact. And let’s not forget the importance of minimizing food waste—these practical suggestions make the season merrier for both us and the planet!

  6. Thank you for your useful tips on doing things in an eco-friendly way, although I’m guilty of not doing any of them.

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