Minvan or SUV: Which Is the Right Family Car?

When you have a growing family, it can be a challenge to transport everyone comfortably. The sedan that worked well for a single person or a couple may not be convenient when there are children involved. As you search for a new Lexus for sale to upgrade to, you may wonder if you should look for a mini-van or SUV. Check out some of the benefits and disadvantages of each option.

Minivans as Family Cars

Minivans have a long history of being seen as family cars and for good reason. Most have sliding doors which make it easier to get children and car seats in and out of the car. Vans are also spacious, so all the kids can have their own space. You can also upgrade your van with family-friendly features including rear-seat entertainment systems, USB ports for charging devices and built-in vacuum cleaners.

Minivans do have some drawbacks. A common complaint for many car buyers is the style of minivans. They can feel outdated and sometimes lack sharp design and broad appeal. Minivans also are not the most rugged vehicles and are not as sporty or responsive on the roads as other types of vehicles.

SUVs as Family Cars

Another popular choice for family cars is SUVs. They also have a lot of benefits. You can find an SUV that’s the right size for your needs, whether it’s a compact model or a full-size option with third-row seating. Many SUVs are also built with off-road capabilities including four-wheel drive and extra traction control so families can go on camping trips together.

One downside of an SUV is the cost. Often, an SUV will cost more than a minivan, but this can vary depending on the make, model and added features. SUVs are also not as fuel-efficient as some other types of vehicles. Families with small children or elderly relatives may also want to consider that SUVs are higher off the ground, so they can be more difficult to get into and out of.

How To Choose

To make the right decision, think about your personal needs:

  • Family Size: Larger families who travel a lot and don’t do off-roading may be more comfortable in a minivan since there is more lounge space.
  • Lifestyle: Think about whether you will be taking the vehicle into tough terrain or if you deal with adverse road conditions such as snow and ice. An SUV may offer better handling.
  • Future Needs: If you’re planning on having more children, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle can grow with the family. Consider how many seats you will need and if it will make more sense to get minivan or an SUV with extra seating.

Find Your Perfect Family Car

Both minivans and SUVs can be great family cars, offering lots of space and convenience. To get the right one for you, think about how you live and how you plan to use the vehicle, then look for a vehicle that can grow with you for years to come.

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