Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas for Kids

There are so many great ways that you can make some changes to your Easter celebration to make it more eco-friendly.  Many of the things we do for the holidays are for our kids, and making some eco-friendly changes helps the environment and also sets a good example for future generations.  Plus, it is often more cost-effective and healthy for your family.

Here are some ideas for ways to make Easter more eco-friendly for your kids:

Eco-friendly Easter eggs

For easter egg hunts, think outside the box. Instead of traditional plastic eggs, go with more eco-friendly options, such as paper Easter eggs. You can also save eggs from year to year.  We reused plastic eggs every year for at least 10 years!

Natural egg dyes

Instead of traditional egg dyes, consider dyes that come from natural sources, such as plants.

You can also purchase natural egg dyes.

Avoid things like traditional egg dying kits and glitter (a microplastic).

Reuse Easter baskets

Reuse your children’s Easter baskets from year to year, instead of buying a new one every year.  You can also repurpose a container in place of using an Easter basket, such as a bin, planter, or basket.

Skip the plastic grass and disposables

Avoid disposables and plastic, especially things like plastic grass.

Go for something eco-friendly, such as biodegradable materials, even shredded paper. Look for things have have less packaging.

Choose Eco-friendly gifts

Be thoughtful when you choose Easter gifts.  Go for more eco-friendly options when you can.  Instead of fillers that will get little use, choose more useful gifts, such as healthy snacks, books, puzzles, games, and gift cards for food or experiences. Go a step further and choose gifts that promote sustainability, such as organic snacks, reusable water bottles, or eco-friendly art supplies.

9 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas for Kids”

  1. We have reused the same baskets for years! We don’t do the natural egg dyes though. We just buy the cheap dyes, but glitter at least 😉

  2. We always consider and making sure to skip the use of any plastic materials for Easter egg hunts and reuse egg baskets too.

  3. Great tips. We use the same old Easter baskets every year and the kids don’t even mind it. I think I’m going to get then some natural egg die this year, as long as it works good enough for them, we are okay with it.

  4. while we don’t do easter, my kids participated in egg hunts organized locally when they were younger and they just used the same baskets they took with them for halloween (which they used every trick or treating too, and we still use them for decor!)

  5. I’ll have to use these tips for our upcoming easter! We’ve been looking for more eco-friendly ways to celebrate these holidays!!

  6. An eco-friendly Easter for children is a great idea as it teaches them the importance of caring for the environment from a young age. By incorporating sustainable practices like using recyclable materials for egg hunts, we can instill eco-conscious habits in children for a greener future.

  7. Your suggestions for an eco-friendly Easter celebration are fantastic! From natural egg dyes to reusable baskets, you’ve covered every aspect beautifully. Encouraging sustainability while preserving the joy of the holiday is commendable. Your thoughtful ideas will surely inspire others to embrace eco-conscious traditions. Well done!

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