Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Workday

Many of us spend our days in the workplace, and you can make a big difference by striving for a more eco-friendly workday routine. While not all workplaces are particularly eco-conscious, you can still do your part to implement changes to reduce your carbon footprint.  You can also practice these things when working from home.

Here are some tips for a greener workday!

Daily commute

Traveling to work every day can mean a large carbon footprint, and there are several things you can do to lessen this environmental impact. Consider alternatives such as public transportation, carpooling, walking, or biking (or using an electric bike). Another possibility is purchasing a smaller car, or an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Reduce paper use

Some offices have a paperless system in place already, but you can minimize how often you print on paper.  You can also reduce how much you print by using both sides, printing multiple pages on one page, or other strategies such as digital tools.

Recycle & compost

Even if your office does not offer recycling, you can save items to recycle, such as paper or plastic containers. You can also save compostable items such as banana peels, apple cores, etc.

Foods & drinks

Consider your food and drink containers at work.  Use reusable water bottles, travel mugs for coffee, reusable straws, etc. instead of single use cups or plastic straws.  For foods, use reusable containers, preferably glass or stainless. Try to reduce packaging by packaging your own snacks, versus buying prepackaged snack size items. If you eat out during the day, bring reusable straws or silverware when possible.

Eco-friendly office supplies

There are many office products to choose from that are eco-friendly, such as recycled paper, recycled pens, refillable supplies, etc.

Energy use 

It is good to save on energy use when possible.  While you may not be able to change out the lights in your workplace, you can opt for a desk lamp that has an led light, or reduce your use of lights overall.


Plants are a great way to brighten your workspace and also to improve air quality.

10 thoughts on “Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Workday”

  1. I love my reusable water bottle! I never liked the taste of water in plastic bottles. I will keep your other ideas in mind.

  2. These are great ideas for an eco-friendly workday. I work from home but like to save all scraps of paper, used envelopes, etc., for notes and scratch pads. I also use a reusable water bottle daily and keep it next to me 24/7.

  3. Thank you for these eco-friendly workday tips! I recently switched to biking to work, and it’s not just helping the environment but also making my mornings more refreshing.

  4. great tips here. given my DH works from home now mostly, the commute for us is greatly reduced (my son walks/takes the bus to college from his apartment, and the only times we use the car is for dropping/picking up my daughter to school – a short distance each day)..

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