Natural Postpartum Essentials

When I first thought about starting a family, my focus was on being as healthy as possible.  I focused on healthy eating and not using products with chemicals.  My goal became to go as natural as possible for myself and my family, especially my babies.  Having a baby can be a great journey to motherhood and focusing on a natural lifestyle.  As a new mom, there are many things that can help you go more natural, starting with postpartum essentials.

Pain relief

After giving birth, it is likely you will need some pain relief. It is possible you will need prescription or over the counter pain relievers.

However, are other natural products available for pain relief, including ice packs, warm compresses, or postpartum pain-relief sprays

A natural sitz bath can help provide relief as well.

Postpartum bleeding

You’ll experience bleeding for several days to weeks after delivery. Look for products that are natural and don’t contain chemicals, such as organic cotton pads.

After having a baby, it is a good time to consider using a menstrual cup.  A menstrual cup means far less waste than menstrual products, and no exposure to things like dioxin or bleach. The thought of a menstrual cup can be intimidating, but it is usually easy to learn how to use.

Breastfeeding supplies

If you are breastfeeding, it is a good idea to be prepared, especially if you are a first time mom. A good breast pump is useful to have, as well as fabric nursing pads, a breastfeeding bra, natural nipple butter, and milk storage supplies.

You may want to try a breastfeeding supplement or breastfeeding tea that helps with a healthy milk supply.

You can make or buy lactation snacks to help as well.

Belly Band

A postpartum belly band helps offer support and compression. This can help you feel more secure while you are moving around, but it is also a healing aid.


Eating a healthy diet will aid your body for postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. Focus on eating fresh, organic foods that are rich in nutrients.

Take postnatal vitamins such as Mary Ruth Organics and drink plenty of water.

You can plan ahead by meal prepping and making lots of frozen meals ahead of time, especially for when your significant other may have to go back to work.

Rest and sleep

Newborns can mean sleep deprivation! Get as much rest as you can, and ask for help when it is available.

Be sure you have a comfortable sleep environment to make the most of your sleep, such as diffusing lavender essential oil and playing relaxing music.


Once your OB-GYN gives you the green light, exercise can help you regain your strength and energy.

Start with light exercises like walking and stretching, and gradually increase your activity level.

Emotional support

The postpartum period can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging, and being a new mother can be isolating at times.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or healthcare providers when needed.


23 thoughts on “Natural Postpartum Essentials”

  1. I’m so, so glad you included emotional support in this post. It’s terrible that even now, women feel like they can’t get help with the struggles of motherhood.

  2. These are all great items that can come in handy. I wish I had used a belly band. They weren’t so readily available at the time.

  3. I don’t have children but a friend of mine went through this pretty badly after her first child. I wish I had seen this earlier so I could have sent it to her.

  4. What a great post! Whew, support was so important to me during postpartum and it makes a world of difference when you have it. Natural products are the best and so is getting sleep and nutrition.

  5. Oh yes! These are things we need to know and have after partum. We should be prepared in advance. Only this way everything will be easier!

  6. I love all of the natural suggestions for new moms and everything listed is perfect! I never used a belly band…. and I had C-Sections with my kids.

  7. The belly band is a good thing to have, it will be beneficial later on too! Great tips for what to have after birth, moms need this kind of info!

  8. This is why it’s so important for mothers to have postpartum help. You can’t get enough rest if you’re doing everything yourself. Great tips!

  9. A great resource for those you are going through postpartum or will be soon. Emotional support is a biggie. I would have loved to get more rest, but when you have kids, you lose the ability to sleep an amazing night.

  10. It is always so nice to have these supplies planned & on hand ahead of time. It sounds like you have everything covered and have some great suggestions others might not think of when getting ready.

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