Natural Pregnancy Essentials

When I was first starting a family, making natural choices became a priority.  I started eating healthier, choosing organics, and trying to remove chemical products from my home.  I wanted to make sure that my family was not exposed to chemicals or other toxins, and that we would follow the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Aside from making many changes to the products I used for myself and in the home, here are some great natural pregnancy products.

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Natural morning sickness aids

There are lots of great natural morning sickness aids, such as ginger supplements and other natural remedies.

There are also a variety of nausea relief bands that may be helpful.

Prenatal supplements and healthy foods

Be sure to take a natural, high quality prenatal supplement. One of my favorite supplement brands, MaryRuth Organics, offers a wide range of prenatals and other wonderful supplements.  Look for organic prenatals that have high-quality ingredients. There are also many pregnancy teas that are good to take during pregnancy.

Natural belly butter

As your belly stretches, it is good to find a product to offer relief.  Natural belly butter can help to soothe skin, without chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Natural body products

Think about switching to natural products, from makeup to soap.  A big change for me was changing to a natural deodorant – one without aluminum. Aluminum-free deodorant is easy to find, and is an easy switch, unlike years ago when it was hard to find anything without aluminum.

Be aware of the body products you choose, and read the ingredients – stay away from things like dyes, synthetic fragrances, Sodium lauryl sulfate, and other harmful ingredients.  Consider making some swaps, such as an essential oil diffuser instead of artificial scents and natural shampoos.

Natural home products

Consider making some swaps around the home for more natural products, such as an essential oil diffuser instead of artificial scents.  Another good item to consider is laundry products and laundry detergent.  When your baby is born, it is important to use a natural detergent that is gentle and free of chemicals.  Skip scented laundry boosters and dryer sheets, instead using wool dryer balls. You can opt for essential oils where you would like to add scents to things (such as a diffuser or linen spray), but keep in mind that your baby will be sensitive to any scents (even natural ones).

Natural pregnancy books

There are lots of great natural pregnancy books to help guide you through a natural pregnancy in depth.

The Mama Natural Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth is a good option and a popular reference guide.

17 thoughts on “Natural Pregnancy Essentials”

  1. It’s comforting to know that there are natural remedies available during this precious time. Your suggestions for switching to natural body and home products resonate with me, as I’ve always strived to keep chemicals away from my family.

  2. These do all make great pregnancy essentials. I did and still use an aluminimum free deodorant and also a belly butter to moisturise and reduce stretch marks.

  3. Great list! I wish some of these natural products were out back in the day when I had my children. Especially that belly butter.

  4. Thank you for this list. Will use it to make a gift basket for friends and family as they reach this milestone in their lives

  5. I’m passing this on to my friend who is expecting right now. I know she’ll appreciate this list as she tries to always uses natural products.

  6. I just pinned this informative post on my Pinterest! This was a great read, and I will pass it along to all my homegirls who are soon-to-be parents.

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