How To Make Flower Gift Giving Be More Sustainable

Flower gifts are always a pleasant present. However, if you want to gift one to a loved one who’s eco-conscious or you are eco-conscious yourself, looking for sustainable approaches to gifting flowers is essential. After all, it’s not an impossible task for which you can’t find a solution. This article can give you some ideas on how to make flower gift-giving more sustainable.

Why Choose Sustainable Flower Gifts?

When you give someone flowers, you want to provide them with the loveliness of nature within the reach of their fingertips. However, picking a flower from the ground isn’t the most eco-friendly. Luckily, you can still give your loved ones the pleasure of flower gifts by thinking of ways to do so sustainably.

Whether you buy from a local store or a flower delivery, choosing to give sustainable flower gifts means you don’t have to worry about the environmental impact of giving someone flowers. You also ensure that flowers are harvested in an eco-friendly way so you and future generations can enjoy them for days to come.

Understanding Sustainable Flower Gifts

So, what counts as sustainable? How do you know that flowers are grown sustainably?

You might think that flower businesses engage in sustainable business practices, but that is not the case. If you want sustainable flower gifts, you should look for shops that practice sustainable floristry.

Sustainable floristry isn’t just about doing green floristry. It’s also about cutting out unsustainable practices outside every aspect of running a floral shop or business.

Tips for Choosing Sustainable Flowers

Flower shops that engage in sustainable floristry would go out of their way to choose sustainable flowers. However, as a shopper, you should hear some tips on selecting sustainable flowers.

One way to ensure you choose sustainable flowers is by making sure you get flowers available in your local area. The farther away you have to source flowers, the more carbon footprint it has.

You should also check that the flowers are in season. Trying to grow flowers out of season requires more resources.

It’s also worth looking into flowers grown without insecticides or pesticides.

Sustainable Flower Delivery Options

Another way to ensure that you’re sustainably buying flowers is by looking at how far you’re getting your flowers from. Instead of finding flower shops that are way too far from where you are or where you want it delivered, it’s better to find local flower shops.

By ordering flowers from a local flower shop, the distance your gift travels before reaching its destination will be much shorter. Therefore, your flower delivery will generate a lower carbon footprint. Another benefit of ordering from a local flower shop near where you want it delivered is that it reaches the recipient faster. That’s very convenient, especially if you need the flowers on the same day.

Creative Alternatives to Cut Flowers

Instead of getting bouquets where flowers have to be cut from the root to give, consider alternatives. For example, you can instead give them flowers that come in pots. Living plants can be a great choice, especially if the person you’re gifting flowers to is someone who has a green thumb and can care for the flower.

If you know the recipient is particularly enthusiastic about growing flowers, you can also offer seed packets and an entire gardening kit.

DIY Sustainable Flower Arrangements

If you’re creating flower arrangements, consider using recycled or upcycled containers for your floral arrangements. You can always add different decor to make it fancier and more beautiful. Also, use local flora to complete your flower arrangements. You can create a more unique arrangement than your generic bouquet. It makes it a more meaningful gift that way.

Eco-Friendly Flower Wrapping

Choose to go with eco-friendly flower wrapping for your bouquets. Ensure that the materials you’re using for your bouquets are made of biodegradable or recyclable wrapping materials. You can even find twine made from paper to tie off your bouquet.

If you choose a vase, you don’t have to worry about finding eco-friendly flower wrapping. Plus, the vase itself becomes part of the gift entirely.

Longevity Tips for Flower Gifts

Proper care and handling are keys to making flower gifts last longer. Avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause them to wilt prematurely. Instead, keep the flowers in a cool, well-ventilated area and regularly change the water to maintain hydration.

Additionally, consider opting for more sustainable flower gift options, such as those sourced from local or eco-friendly suppliers. These flowers are often fresher and less likely to deteriorate quickly. If you get potted plants instead of bouquets, they usually last longer since they still have roots.

Personal Touches and Customization

Consider adding a handwritten note expressing your sentiments. You can also include a small souvenir or trinket significant to the recipient. Incorporating the recipient’s favorite flowers or colors is another way to make the gift feel custom-tailored.

Feel free to get creative with the presentation, too. Repurpose a vintage vase or tin, or wrap the arrangement in sustainable materials like burlap or recycled paper. These little details will make the gift feel extra special and show you put in the extra effort.

Supporting Sustainable Flower Businesses

Supporting flower shops that engage in sustainable floristry can make it easier for you to provide eco-friendly flower gifts. Because they’re small businesses, though, doesn’t mean they’re practicing sustainably or ethically regarding their flower sourcing.

However, supporting small businesses regarding flowers is much better since their flower sources are more traceable than those of large corporations.

Educating Others About Sustainability

If you find eco-friendly flower shops, giving them some love online and sharing their business with loved ones can ensure they last. Unfortunately, sustainable floristry isn’t a common practice, so by advocating for eco-friendly flower shops you encounter, you should share their shop with the people you love.

Celebrating Special Occasions Sustainably

Too many people want fancy flowers shipped from far away when celebrating grand occasions, especially weddings. However, you can enjoy beautiful flowers on special occasions simply by partnering with an eco-friendly flower shop. That way, you get the floral effect you want without feeling like you sourced flowers unethically.

Recycling and Repurposing Flowers

If you have wilting flowers, you can repurpose them so they get a second life. For example, you can press flowers in books to become pressed flowers, which you can use as decor. You can then use them for various DIY art projects. You can even compost flower waste if you’re into gardening.


With this sustainable flower gift-giving advice, you can give the gift of flowers to everyone you love ethically. You can keep the company of the beauty of flowers without harming the environment due to your whims.

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