Tips For a Healthier Home This Holiday

There are so many aspects of your home that could be contributing to an unhealthy atmosphere.  The holidays are a great time to switch things up and focus on a healthier home and lifestyle.

The holidays can be so stressful, and this is a good time of year to focus on making the home a healthy sanctuary.

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Ditch and switch harmful chemicals

One of the best and easiest things you can do in your home is to switch out your products for non toxic alternatives. You can easily research products online to find out which ones are safest for you and your family.  This goes for anything in the home, from cleaning to body products.

Moreover, be aware of dangers of conventional toilet paper, as it may contain harsh chemicals harmful to the skin and the environment. Opt for eco-friendly alternatives for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Skincare and body care items are so important to look for all natural options. Look for chemical-free soaps, shampoo, lotions, and more.

Opt for an aluminum-free deodorant.

There are lots of wonderful natural makeup lines as well.

You can easily find cleaning products that are eco-friendly, or even make your own.

You can also make your own! I have made my own foaming hand soaplaundry detergentbleachhair oil, and lots more!

himalayan salt lamp

Clean the air

Air quality is so important at home.

It is usually always a good idea to regularly air out your home, to help freshen the air, remove stale air, germs, odors, etc.

Air purifiers are a great idea, regardless of if you are concerned about city air pollution, pets, and so on.

Plants can be a good way to help filter the air.

Another way you can purify the air in your home is by using anything that will produce negative ions, including negative ion generators or filters. Some easy ways to produce negative ions are beeswax candles and himalayan salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps are said to attract and absorb pollutants and emit negative ions. These lamps are lovely, and add to the decor all while helping with air quality.

Beeswax candles also supposedly emit negative ions along with several other benefits you can read about here. I like to make my own beeswax candles but you can certainly buy them premade as well.

Another way to improve air quality is to use an essential oil diffuser, and diffuse essential oils like eucalyptus, pine, tea tree and lemon.

Diffusing oils can not only clean the air but also make your home smell nice too!

Traditional air fresheners usually have harmful, synthetic chemicals in them, while essential oils are a safe alternative.

** Keep in mind that you should be careful using any essential oils around pets.

how to have a healthy home decor

Organize your home

Clutter is something that can make us feel frazzled or stressed.  It is good to keep on top of clutter, which adds to distractions around the home.  A clean space will make you feel calmer and happier.

Keeping up with updates and decor is also helpful, as it helps you to feel connected to your home, and you want it to feel welcoming to others.

DIY projects are a great idea too, as you are sure to feel pride in your home and changing your space to how you want it. You can check out a couple of the projects I have done in the past, like my easy wainscoting tutorial and DIY framed mirrors.

practice self care

Clean (and Deep Clean!)

Keeping your home clean is so important.  If you let cleaning fall behind, then it makes it tougher to keep up with cleaning projects.

Deep cleaning is good for many reasons.  You will want a clean fridge for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A clean guest room for anyone visiting. The kids should do a deep cleaning before the holidays, especially when they are likely to accumulate more things (gifts).

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  1. Switching to non-toxic products and focusing on chemical-free soaps and skincare items is a priority for us. Your advice on making your cleaning products and personal care items is not only healthier but also cost-effective, which is a win-win.

  2. I use a couple of very simple recipes for counter spray and disinfecting spray that use vinegar and essential oils. It’s so nice to know that I’m using safe ingredients in our home!

  3. I cleaned up part of my house a few weeks ago. I need to finish deep cleaning my house. I know that the dust is pretty bad on my curtains and they need washed.

  4. Loving these tips and I am so glad I have switched to healthier cleaning options…. that is a really good one and the clean air to breathe is essential too! I love my IQAir while house unit!

  5. Love these tips.. i am starting to switch to cleaner cleaners at home, and organizing my home a little more is definitely needed

  6. Cleaning home is very essential for holidays. I don’t want chemicals that are harmful in our health. Thank you for these tips.

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