The Perks of Joining a Travel Nursing Agency

Choosing a travel nursing agency is an important decision. Nurses should look for agencies that offer transparent pay rates and a high rate of getting their nurses submitted to assignments. Working with a recruiter who understands their needs and career goals is also helpful. This way, the nurse is less likely to be submitted to assignments they’re not interested in.


A common perception about travel nursing is that agencies only look out for themselves, leading to nurses feeling burned out and resenting their jobs. But working with a reputable agency is the key to meeting your needs.

For example, a good agency will help you find housing that fits your budget while close to the hospital where you’ll work. They’ll also provide you with a tax-free expense allowance to cover meals and other travel expenses that would otherwise require keeping detailed receipts. And if you need to get your license for the new state you’re headed to, they’ll make sure you can do so quickly and affordably.

Another benefit of working with the best traveling nurse agency is that they’ll have a deep understanding of the needs and goals of their nurses. They’ll understand your skillset, what type of assignments you like best, and your career aspirations. This way, they can match you up with an assignment that will best fit you.

In addition to securing you great contracts, the best travel nurse agencies will have a network of staffers who are passionate about making travel nursing a satisfying and fulfilling career option for their nurses.


The flexibility of travel nursing allows nurses to align assignments with personal goals, family commitments, or educational pursuits. Working in different healthcare facilities exposes nurses to new clinical practices, advanced technologies, and patient demographics. This enables nurses to improve their skill sets and make themselves more marketable.

Unlike per diem jobs, travel nurse assignments are usually four to three months long. Additionally, travel nurses are guaranteed a certain number of hours for each assignment they accept. This provides a degree of stability that many travel nurses prefer.

In addition to providing travel nurse assignments, travel agency staffing companies usually arrange deluxe housing. This can be a major benefit for travel nurses because it eliminates the hassle and expense of finding and securing a new home. Some agencies may even provide housing stipends to their nurses.

Some agencies offer supplemental health insurance plans. These include a nationwide medical plan covering major medical expenses; a dental plan that covers preventive care and reimbursement for exams and single lenses; a vision plan to cover reimbursement for eye exams and contact lens purchases; prescription drug coverage; and accident, disability, and life insurance.

Most agencies provide their travel nurses with a professional network and access to resources, including career advancement tips, packing lists, tax information, and other helpful guides for a smooth transition into the nursing field.


A travel nurse agency can provide job opportunities that may not be available through other channels. They can also act as the go-between for nurses and the facility that needs them. They often arrange housing and other benefits.

The right recruiter can make a big difference. Choose a responsive recruiter who understands what you want from your travel nursing experience. They’ll help you find the perfect assignment for your skill set and preferences. They’ll also answer or get the answers to any questions you might have.

Most agencies offer nursing insurance packages that include major medical coverage, dental and vision, prescription drug coverage, and a health wellness plan. Some also offer 401(k) plans, with employers matching up to a certain percentage of your income.

Some agencies offer direct deposit for your paycheck, making managing your money on the road easier. They’ll send you a local check or voucher indicating the deposit has occurred so you can cash it immediately. Some also give nurses a choice of whether to take an agency-arranged housing stipend or find accommodations. Many travel nurses like the convenience of having their recruiter secure housing for them. This allows them to focus on patient care without worrying about the logistics of getting to work each day.


A travel nursing agency should be able to give you a dedicated recruiter and help you find jobs in the areas you want. They’ll also help you obtain a license to work in the state where you’ll accept an assignment.

The best travel nurse agencies can offer excellent benefits packages, including fully paid health insurance with no deductible and free prescriptions. They may also provide housing or help you find a place to live, free time off for vacations and holidays, and assistance with childcare. Some agencies even offer 401(k) match funds, which helps increase your overall paycheck. One agency that provides a variety of assignments with recruiters available 24/7, and they will walk you through each step of finding a job. They can also answer any questions about the benefits and costs of being a travel nurse.

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