Why You Should Switch to Aluminum-Free Deodorant

There are several reasons to make the switch to an aluminum-free deodorant!  I originally switched over to a natural deodorant before trying to get pregnant.  I did a lot of research to find the most natural products, and a big change was switching to a natural deodorant.  I was originally looking for something without aluminum; however, I realized that making the change to a natural deodorant without chemicals was the way to go.

Here are some great reasons to choose an aluminum-free deodorant!

Aluminum concerns

There are potential health risks associated with aluminum compounds commonly found in antiperspirants. Although research on this topic is ongoing, some studies have suggested a possible link between aluminum exposure and health issues like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. While these findings are not conclusive, individuals may opt for aluminum-free products for peace of mind.

Skin sensitivity

Aluminum compounds, particularly aluminum chloride, can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some individuals. For those with sensitive skin, switching to aluminum-free deodorants can help reduce the risk of irritation and discomfort. I have had friends who experienced skin irritation from baking soda, which is in many natural deodorants, but you can try different brands to see which works best for you.

Natural and organic preferences

Many people prefer to use products made from natural or organic ingredients, avoiding synthetic chemicals whenever possible. Aluminum-free deodorants often contain natural ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot powder, and essential oils, appealing to those seeking cleaner, more natural alternatives. Traditional deodorants often have chemicals and synthetic fragrances, so you can avoid many of those ingredients by going natural.

Reduced environmental impact

Aluminum mining and processing can have significant environmental consequences, including habitat destruction and pollution. By choosing aluminum-free deodorants, consumers can minimize their environmental footprint and support more sustainable product options.


30 thoughts on “Why You Should Switch to Aluminum-Free Deodorant”

  1. I have been thinking about this. I can have sensitive skin and aluminum free deodorant will help with that.

  2. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I had to switch from aluminum deodorant. I’m so glad I did because I just read a post the other day about how toxic that stuff is!

  3. I switched over a while back because I heard of the harm that aluminum deodorant can cause, but I didn’t realize there were so many potential hazards!!

  4. This is such great info! I honestly don’t even know what’s in my deodorant, but I do use mens because I haven’t found a womens that I like. The deodorant pictured looks interesting and something I may try.

  5. I switched to an aluminum-free deodorant and was pleasantly surprised by the all-day freshness without the harsh chemicals. I felt more confident wearing my favorite shirts, knowing that the natural ingredients were gentle on my skin and clothes. I smiled, realizing that making healthier choices could be as simple as choosing the right deodorant for my daily routine.

  6. I’ve been considering making the switch for a while now, especially with concerns about skin sensitivity. It’s great to hear that aluminum-free deodorants offer natural alternatives that are gentle on the skin.

  7. I had no idea Aluminum is that harmful especially since you see it used in a ton of products. We should definitely do something about it.

  8. Melissa Cushing

    I am still trying to find one that works for me. I have tried a few and they just do not work. I know Dove has a new one that is aluminum free and I may try that next and will also chekc out the ones you mentioend above too. I would love to go this route…. safety is the key!

  9. I try to use aluminum free deodorant as I have had a few reactions to deodorants in the past. But I have found it a little difficult to get choice so this one looks really good x

  10. I don’t use antipersperant sprays often and have recently tried out a natural deodorant stick which is called Wild, it is made from natural ingredients and it works so well.

  11. Hmmm, interesting. I will be considering an aluminium-free deodorant. They are becoming popular due to their potential health benefits and eco-friendliness. It’s great to know that they provide a natural alternative, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.

  12. I have made the switch before, but unsure why I keep returning back to antiperspirants. I need to give aluminium-free deodorant a try again; maybe sometime during the colder months when I sweat less.

  13. I don’t use commercialize deodorant products for years now. Thanks for this product recommendation, will check it too.

  14. My mom had Alzheimer’s and they think she got it from lead pipes in the home she grew up in. Unfortunately, I also spent a ton of time in that same home with my grandparents. But I never thought about deodorant being a contributing factor.

  15. This is something that I have never consider before. You had made some good points about deodorant would cause so many issues. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I thought about switching to an aluminum-free deodorant several years ago, but at the time I couldn’t find one that was a good fit for me. There are so many on the market now that are good & reading your article reminded me of the health risks associated with aluminum exposure, so I think I will make the switch soon!

  17. I switched to aluminum-free deodorant a couple of years ago. I agree it can have a significant impact, I feel a lot of people are not aware of the benefits so thanks for sharing!

  18. i don’t use deodorant often and i know i need to switch one to something safer and better like you mention here.. will check out the ones pictured

  19. Excellent info. It amazes me how big companies can produce personal products that have ingredients that harm our health. When is it gonna stop? When we stop buying them and use natural based products like you’re sharing here.

  20. I agree with you with the health risks and this is why we also opted for aluminum-free deodorants. I hope more people can become aware so, they can make better choices. Thank you for writing this post. Will share this with my circle.

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