What Are Ancient Grains?

What are ancient grains?

These are grains that are considered ancient because they have been grown for several hundred years without modification. Many modern grains are genetically modified or bred, whereas ancient grains are not.

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Ancient grains include:

Kaniwa (also referred to as “baby quinoa”)

What are the benefits of ancient grains?

Since these grains have not been modified, they usually have more nutritional benefits.  This can be more protein, fiber, and vitamins, compared to modern grains.  Since they have not been refined like white flour, they retain more of their natural characteristics that are beneficial.

These ancient grains are not only more nutritionally beneficial, but are absorbed slower, so that there is less of a spike in blood sugar.

How can you use ancient grains?

There are so many ways to use ancient grains, and can be used in a variety of recipes from baking to salads.  Some grains such as quinoa, have gained a lot of popularity lately, and there are many recipes available.

Some easy recipes:

Quinoa Salad

Vegetable Barley Soup

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

20 thoughts on “What Are Ancient Grains?”

  1. I’ve never heard of kaniwa. So interesting! I’ve heard of ancient grains but didn’t know what they were. Thanks for clarifying!

  2. I love that they retain more nutrients and are absorbed slower, making them a win-win. And those recipe ideas—especially the Quinoa Salad and Vegetable Barley Soup—sound like delicious ways to incorporate these ancient grains into our family meals.

  3. I absolutely love this stuff and just got the most delicious ancient grain salad believe it or not at Shop Rite in NJ. Delicious and it is making me hungry thinking about it…. I am bookmarking this as I am going to start making them myself!

  4. Quinoa is one that I’ve been enjoying myself. It works really well in a wide range of dishes especially salads. I need to boost my intake, if I can remember to buy more.

  5. We use quinoa, barley at home while we have eaten buckwheat and rye bread but not the other grains and always been curious about them

  6. I’ve never heard of these grains called ancient grains before. I don’t eat a ton of whole grains though. We do eat white rice which I’m sure it’s not exactly the most healthy choice there is.

  7. I didn’t realize that these grains hadn’t been modified like other more common grains. I love that because anytime you mess with Mother Nature, you screw things up.

  8. Celebrate Woman Today

    I’ve been into Ancient grains for over a decade, when they were just appearing under this “new” label. I have every single grain you mention in my pantry and cook with them all the time. Delicious and nutrient-dense!

  9. Fascinating! Loving the slow-digesting benefit and wider recipe options. Will explore incorporating more ancient grains.

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