How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party

It can be easy for expenses to add up when it comes to your child’s birthday party.  However, you can be strategic when it comes to saving money, while still making for a fun and exciting day that is memorable. With some creativity and thoughtful planning, you can host a celebration that fits within your budget. Here are some tips on how to do so!

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First, consider the venue. Hosting the party at home or in a local park can significantly cut down on costs compared to renting a party hall or entertainment venue. Home parties offer a comfortable and familiar environment for your child and their friends, and parks provide ample space for outdoor activities without the rental fees. If you do choose a park, make sure to check if you need a permit and if there are any associated costs.


Decorating your home or a park pavilion with DIY decorations can create a festive atmosphere without spending a fortune.

Streamers, balloons, and handmade banners can transform the space into a vibrant party venue. You can find inexpensive balloon arch kits that make a big statement for a low price.

Consider involving your child in the decoration process, which can add a personal touch and make them feel more excited about the event.

Also plan ahead so that you can secure decor for low price or free.  Look for used items on Facebook marketplace, or borrow from friends – e.g.  theme items, photo props, chafing dishes, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, etc.

Party Invites

Another significant area where you can save money is the party invitations. Instead of purchasing expensive printed invitations, opt for digital invites. There are many online services that offer free or low-cost customizable e-invitations. These digital invites can be emailed directly to the guests or shared via social media, saving both money and paper.

For those who prefer physical invitations, consider making your own. You can even make these with your child using supplies you may already have at home, or you can find inexpensive supplies. This can also be a fun pre-party activity to get your child involved in the preparations.


When it comes to food, homemade options are usually more affordable than catering.

Plan a simple menu that includes your child’s favorite foods and foods that are crowd-pleasers.

Finger foods like sandwiches, fruit skewers, and homemade cookies are budget-friendly and easy to prepare.

Instead of an expensive cake from a bakery, consider baking one at home. There are numerous easy-to-follow recipes online, and decorating the cake with your child can be a fun and memorable activity.

Alternatively, you could make cupcakes or other treats, which are often easier to distribute and can be individually decorated. Be creative and think outside the box, as not all treats have to be traditional cake.  You can make a cupcake cake, ice cream cookies, cookie cakes, tarts, or even serve decorated donuts.


Entertainment is another major expense that can be minimized with a bit of creativity. You don’t need a DJ for music; simply find or borrow a good bluetooth speaker to play music on.

Instead of hiring performers or renting costly equipment, plan simple games and activities that children enjoy. Classic games like musical chairs, freeze dance, and scavenger hunts are always a hit and require minimal supplies. Crafts are also a great option; set up a craft station with inexpensive materials where children can make crafts to take home. If the weather permits, outdoor games like sack races, water balloon tosses, and relay races can provide hours of fun without any significant expense.


Party favors don’t need to be extravagant. Instead of purchasing goody bags, consider giving one small, meaningful item. This could be a book, a craft that the children made during the party, or a treat you baked at home. Personalizing these favors can add a special touch that kids and parents will appreciate. Shopping at dollar stores or online marketplaces for bulk items can also help you find affordable and fun favors.

Plan Ahead & Shop Smart

Planning ahead is crucial. Start by setting a clear budget and sticking to it. List all potential expenses and prioritize what is most important to your child. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make the most memorable moments.

Shop wisely, finding deals on bulk items or shopping at wholesale clubs. Spread out your purchases over time, taking advantage of sales and discounts. This can prevent the financial strain of last-minute shopping.


In summary, saving money on your child’s birthday party involves choosing cost-effective venues, opting for homemade food and decorations, planning simple and engaging activities, and involving your community. By focusing on what truly matters and being resourceful, you can host a memorable and enjoyable celebration without overspending.

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  1. Excellent tips for throwing an affordable yet memorable birthday party! Your practical advice on budgeting, DIY decorations, and fun, low-cost activities helps make celebrations special without breaking the bank.

  2. I always love when I can save! I try to always get things when they are on sale and we re-use gift bags.

  3. These are great ways to save. I’ve always saved up some decorations and such for other parties, and that has always worked out great.

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