The Benefits of Cloth Diapers

There are so many benefits to using cloth diapers, for both your baby and the environment.

Here are some great reasons to consider using cloth diapers.

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Cloth Diapers are eco-friendly

Cloth diapers are eco-friendly for so many reasons.  There is less production of plastic, and far less going to the landfill.

Cloth is convenient

It may not seem like it at first, but cloth diapers can be more convenient than disposables! Modern cloth diapers are very easy to use. 

No running out to the store to get diapers or trying to use up a pack diapers that your baby is outgrowing. No clipping coupons, sale shopping and trying to stockpile the right size diapers! 

No stinky trash or diaper pails, no buying diaper pail liners.  No hauling trash cans full of diapers to the curb.

Save money

Cloth diapers can save you money.  Even with more expensive styles, they cost less over time than disposables and they have resale value when you’re finished with them.  

Washing cloth diapers is easy

You don’t have to dunk them in the toilet or soak them in bleach. 

You don’t even need expensive detergents, just use detergents designed for cloth diapers.

You may also want to consider a cloth diaper sprayer to make your job easier.

If you aren’t into washing or the time commitment, there are plenty of cloth diaper washing services.

They’re cute and better for your baby!

The prints, the colors, soft fabrics are just so cute! In addition, the fabric is so much better for your baby. 

No worries about chemicals or other unnatural products or fabrics on your newborn’s skin.


(you can find these cute cloth diapers on Amazon!)

They are great for potty training

Cloth diapers work well for potty training, since your child will be less likely to want to sit in a wet diaper.  Cloth diapers help give better cues than disposables, which wick away moisture.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Do what works for you and your family!

When we traveled, I used disposables.  You can send disposables to daycare.  You can choose what works best for you!

There are even diapers available with disposable inserts like Flip and Grovia.




17 thoughts on “The Benefits of Cloth Diapers”

  1. While cloth diapers can be challenging to clean and maintain, I found they were worth it for the eco-friendly and cost-saving benefits. The comfort and reduced risk of chemical exposure for my baby made the extra effort of using cloth diapers worthwhile in the end.

  2. Your post paints a vivid picture of the benefits of cloth diapers, and I particularly love how you highlight their eco-friendliness and convenience. It’s refreshing to see how modern cloth diapers have evolved to be so user-friendly, dispelling the myth that they’re a hassle. Plus, the point about saving money over time and the adorable designs definitely make a compelling case for cloth diapering. You’ve also done a great job of acknowledging that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach, offering flexibility for different situations like travel or daycare. Overall, your post is informative and encouraging, making cloth diapering seem like a practical and appealing choice for parents. Great job!

  3. Since I never had kids, I didn’t have to think about diapers. But I can see how it’s environmentally better to use cloth over disposals. I wonder how many landfills are filled with disposables?

  4. Your article on the advantages of cloth diapers is fantastic! It’s refreshing to see you discussing the eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of cloth diapering for babies. As someone who also cloth diapered my babies, I appreciate your insights and tips for parents looking to make more sustainable choices in diapering.

  5. Melissa Cushing

    I know when I was a baby my mom used cloth diapers. These are very cool looking and I would for sure use these versus traditional diapers. Thank you for sharing about them!

  6. Cloth diapers are AH-mazing! We switched on our last baby, and we were so sorry we hadn’t done it before that. They work very well, and they are FAR more cost-effective.

  7. We used cloth diapers, and we loved them. We saved a ton of money, and it’s so much better for the environment.

  8. This is such a great way to not only be more ecofriendly, but it can also help save you a ton of money! Thanks for the tips.

  9. My best friend loves using cloth diapers, she shared with me many times that she has saved so much money by using them. I will share your post with friends with babies! I know they will benefit from it!

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