DIY Rice Warmer

I am cold, a lot of the time.  So I find ways to stay warm at home especially during the really cold winter months.

Many years ago, I received a microwavable warmer as a gift.  It was great, but it had corn inside, which eventually ended up smelling like burnt corn.  I learned that rice was a better option and started making my own rice warmers.

These are so easy to make, and you can make different sizes and designs.

I usually just use rice, but I also love the relaxing scent of lavender, and last summer we went to a farm to pick our own lavender.  I thought it would be a great way to use the dried lavender that I saved.

Materials needed:

~ White rice (I used 32oz for this project)

~ Dried lavender (optional)

~ Fabric (I used a 21″x 33″ piece of fabric for a 10″x16″ warmer)

~ Sewing machine


You can make any size warmers you like, from hand warmers that fit in your pockets, to large warmers that will cover your lap.

My finished warmer measures 10″ x 16″.  Therefore you would need to double that to 20″ x 32″ to start, and add about an inch to each side for seams, so 21″ x 33″ to start. You can make the warmer whatever size you want!

Measure and cut your fabric.

Your piece should be a little bit larger than twice the size that you want your finished warmer to be.

I like using two layers so that there is a slightly thicker layer of fabric.

Fold the material in half, and sew along three sides. The white is going to be the inside, and the fox print is on the outside once we turn this inside out.

Then you are going to turn the fabric right side out and fill it with rice to your liking.

You can find white rice for cheap at Dollar Tree and Walmart.

I also add in a handful of dried lavender and mix it in.  You can purchase this on Amazon or use your own.

I was able to use some of the lavender we picked over the summer and dried.

Fill to your desired fullness. I like to have the warmer be flexible, as I use it for a variety of purposes (such as my neck or back).

Fold the open edges in, and sew shut.

Here is the finished product:

The first couple times you microwave the warmer, it will feel a little moist, as the rice releases moisture.

I microwave the warmer in 1 minute intervals until I know a good time for heating it up.

10 thoughts on “DIY Rice Warmer”

  1. This is so perfect for me! I get migraines, and a warming pad like this on my neck really helps. The lavender helps my head, too. Win win!

  2. This is the first time I knew that there is rice warmer. This is very nice to share because this is DIY and easy to make one and use.

  3. This is brilliant! I haven’t really about making one myself but this is easy to make. Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with you that rice would be a better option than corn.

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