How to Throw An Eco-Friendly Birthday Celebration

Celebrations can involve many aspects, and it is a good opportunity to make some eco-friendly swaps.  From local foods to recycled paper goods, there are lots of ways to make a birthday celebration more eco friendly.  Here are some tips!

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Go paperless

Skip the paper invites and go with online invitations. Besides saving paper, there are other advantages to going paperless, such as tracking RSVPs online.  If you go with paper, use recycled paper invitations.

Use eco-friendly decor

Many party decorations are single-use. Consider using decor that is reusable or more eco-friendly. For example, swap out plastic with paper, use reusable felt birthday garlands, etc. Skip the balloons and go with alternatives such as paper lanterns or paper pom poms.

Shop locally & sustainably

When you are your party supplies, choose local businesses and items when you can.  This helps to support the local economy and products. Purchase local items when possible, such as food, wine, favors, and so on.

Choose food items carefully

Look for food products that are fair trade, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable. etc.  Consider buying in bulk to reduce packaging, and have a plan for any leftovers in order to limit any food waste.

Use reusable shopping bags and containers

Don’t forget to shop with reusable bags when you go to the store.

Look for any other ways to use reusable packaging, such as leftovers.

Skip disposables when possible

While disposables can certainly make things easier, avoid them when possible. Have guests use regular dishes, or consider alternatives to disposables, like palm leaf plates, which can be composted.  Use paper straws or compostable straws.

Eco-friendly gifting

Consider eco-friendly wrapping materials, such as recycled paper or fabric for wrapping. Upcycle paper to use as wrapping paper, like old maps or posters. Swap out plastic bows for biodegradable materials, for instance, decorative twine.

If you are buying a gift, consider something that is eco-friendly, from reusable items (like a Stanley cup!) to experience gifts that do not involve material items.

Set up waste bins

Set up bins for landfill, compost, and recycling, so that guests can sort their items to dispose properly.

Eco-friendly favors

Favors can often be wasteful, from packaging to items that are not very useful.  Consider things such as sweet treats, plants, tea, bath products, etc.


26 thoughts on “How to Throw An Eco-Friendly Birthday Celebration”

  1. It’s so important to be conscious of our environmental impact, even during celebrations. I really appreciate the suggestion of using paper lanterns or pom poms instead of balloons – it’s such a simple swap but makes a big difference in terms of sustainability!

  2. Decorating is fun but in all honesty, it is a huge waste of money and it isn’t very eco-friendly. If you do decorate, look for things you can recycle or use eco friendly products.

  3. thanks so much for these ideas.. i do try to use disposables to a minimum and when we do, i try to use ones that are green.. and reuse decorations from ages ago 🙂

  4. We have started using reusable decorations as well. They save money and time and it makes good sense to buy the ones that will be good for year.

  5. These are all such wonderful ideas! I love the eco-friendly party favours, they’re so adorable…not to mention that there’s no guilt when giving them out because they’re bound to be used (and can be recycled after use).

  6. I loveeee these ideas! We recently implemented some of these ideas just last week for one of the kids birthday parties. I ordered a lot of eco-friendly plates and cups and other accessories.

  7. I absolutely love the idea of eco-friendly decor for parties! It’s a great way to be mindful of the environment while still having a fun and festive time. Using reusable or sustainable decorations is a fantastic way to reduce waste, and I especially love the idea of using paper lanterns and felt garlands. It’s also great to support local businesses and choose eco-friendly food options. And let’s not forget about eco-friendly gifting and favours! Overall, these tips are great for creating a sustainable and enjoyable party atmosphere.

  8. Your guide on how to throw an eco-friendly birthday party is truly inspiring! I appreciate your commitment to sustainability and your creative ideas for reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact while still having a fun and memorable celebration. From using reusable decorations to choosing eco-friendly party favors, your tips make it easy for anyone to host a planet-friendly event. I especially love your suggestion to incorporate nature-based activities and encourage outdoor play – not only does it reduce energy consumption, but it also fosters a deeper connection with the natural world. Thank you for sharing your passion for sustainability and showing us how to celebrate in an environmentally conscious way!

  9. I found this article most helpful. I try to be eco-friendly in so many aspects of my life, but I admit I tend to go with disposables for my kids birthday celebrations. Will certainly be using these tips for my son’s upcoming party.

  10. This is a fantastic guide for celebrating a birthday. I remember many of my birthday where I filled several trashcans during cleanup. These tips will reduce that waste.

  11. Williams Melanie

    I love this anything eco friendly has my vote. I love the idea of going paperless also makes complete sense x

  12. We have 10 family birthdays yearly, and I try to make it more eco-friendly every time. I`ll remember your tips for our next party.

  13. I love how comprehensive and practical these eco-friendly celebration tips are! They cover everything from invitations to decorations to gifts and beyond. I appreciate the emphasis on making sustainable choices without sacrificing style or convenience. The suggestions for using reusable decor, shopping locally, and opting for eco-friendly gifting options are especially inspiring. And setting up waste bins for proper disposal is such a simple yet effective way to encourage responsible behavior during the celebration. Overall, these tips make it clear that celebrating in an environmentally conscious way is not only possible but also fun and fulfilling. Great job putting together such a thoughtful guide!

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