DIY face serum with essential oils

DIY All Natural Night Serum

This DIY night serum might be my favorite product in my whole stock of DIY beauty products. I use it every night and it never fails to make my skin feel incredibly soft the next morning. I’ve labeled this a night serum because, though it is fast absorbing, it can feel a little heavy under makeup. It also will do it’s best work for your skin while you are asleep and your body is naturally healing itself. It’s perfect for all skin types and works wonders for fading dark marks and acne scars as well as it’s amazing anti-aging benefits. As someone with oily skin, I was afraid of any product that contained even a hint of oil in it, thinking it would make my skin even more oily. So I used harsh, drying products that wicked away all the natural oils in my skin….except my skin still became more oily…and it just looked worse. This went on for years until I became an esthetician and I realized I was doing it all wrong and that oil wasn’t something to be afraid of, at least not the right oils.

Oil Is Not The Enemy

Oil has gotten a very bad reputation as far as faces go. While it is true that some oils can be comedogenic and clog your pores, your skin NEEDS oil to moisturize itself. Unfortunately a lot of people (like me) that have oily skin get scared of any bit of oil coming near their face so they use products that strip the oils away and think they are doing their skin a favor. The truth is, when those oils are stripped away, the brain receives a signal that your skin hasn’t produced enough so it goes into overdrive, leaving you with excess oil. This then leads to clogged pores and acne because that excess oil has nowhere else to go. Sometimes it’s easy to think that you have oily skin when you ACTUALLY have dry skin and it’s just acting out from lack of proper care. An easy way to tell your true skin type is to look really close at your skin so you can see the size of your pores. If your pores are larger and easily noticeable, you most likely have naturally oily skin. If your pores are small and unnoticeable, your skin type is dry. If they are somewhere in between or you have both large and small pores, you may have combination skin.

There are different oils that work for different skin types, some can be too heavy for those with oily skin and some can be too light for excessively dry skin. I have chosen Argan oil for this serum because it will work for everyone and it is my personal favorite.

This homemade DIY face serum is perfect for all skin types. It will help fight wrinkles and promote skin softening and anti aging properties while also preventing acne! #essentialoils #skincare #skin

Why Argan Oil?

Argan oil is one of the most versatile oils out there, it’s great for ANY skin type, even oily skin! It’s incredibly light and moisturizes your skin better than a lot of store bought moisturizers out there. Argan oil is fast-absorbing and known for increasing cell regeneration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fading scars and hyperpigmentation. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from free-radical damage. Argan oil, combined with several essential oils known for their amazing skin supporting properties, makes this serum perfect for those wanting soft, clear skin and anti-aging benefits.

You can, of course, substitute this for another oil that is suitable specifically for your skin type, though I highly recommend Argan oil. Here is a list of alternative oils by skin type if you would rather substitute.

Oily/Acne Prone:

Grapeseed Oil Jojoba Oil Tamanu Oil


Almond Oil Apricot Kernel Oil


Borage Seed Oil Hemp Seed Oil   I don’t generally recommend coconut oil for anything going on your face unless you have extremely dry, chapped skin because it can be a bit too heavy and clog your pores. This homemade DIY face serum is perfect for all skin types. It will help fight wrinkles and promote skin softening and anti aging properties while also preventing acne! #essentialoils #skincare #skin  

One Last Little Note…

I recommend using this night serum only at night and using a regular moisturizer for day use because it is a bit heavier. Another reason this is best used at night is because this includes lemon oil which can cause photosensitivity. (but happens to do wonders at brightening your skin).

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You’ll need:

Argan oil (I get mine at Mountain Rose Herbs)

10 drops frankincense oil

10 drops geranium oil

10 drops lavender oil

10 drops lemon oil

5 drops tea tree oil (optional)

2-4 oz glass bottle with dropper

Simply fill your glass bottle with Argan oil and add in the essential oils!

Use a few drops every night, being careful around the eye area.

If you don’t already have essential oils of your own and want to know how to get them delivered to your door every month, then check out my post here!



xoxo, Brianne free printable essential oils reference guide This homemade DIY face serum is perfect for all skin types. It will help fight wrinkles and promote skin softening and anti aging properties while also preventing acne! #essentialoils #skincare #skin