Ten Tips to Prepare Your Home for House Guests

Preparing for house guests can take some time, so plan ahead when you can.  You will want to make sure that your guests are well provided for and that your home is clean and tidy.

1. Clean and sanitize

A clean and sanitized home is a great way to welcome guests. This is a good time to declutter and make sure that things are tidy.

Focus on kitchen and bathroom spaces, and provide a clean space for your guests to enjoy.

2. Set up a comfortable guest room

Have a comfortable space set up for your guests. Prepare a bed with clean bedding and extra pillows and blankets.

Provide your guests with towels and washcloths when they arrive.

3. Clean and stock up your bathroom

Make sure your bathroom is clean and stocked.  Provide your guests with towels, wash cloths, soap, and any other necessities they might need during their stay.

4. Stock up your kitchen

Prepare a welcoming kitchen space that is clean and well stocked.  Set up a coffee station, snacks, breakfast items, and more. Stock up on things like drinks and water if needed.

5. Amenities

Provide your guests with any other amenities that may be useful, such as posting the wi-fi password.

6. Safety

Be sure that your home is a safe environment for guests. Check that your fire alarms are working, and that you have CO2 detectors around the home.  Tuck away anything that could be unsafe, such as medications, weapons, or anything else that could potentially be dangerous.

If your guests are bringing children, make sure that you have tried to childproof your home.



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