Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils?

Why I choose Young Living

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

I have looked into several different essential oil brands and after tons of research, I made the decision to go with Young Living.

One huge reason is because they are transparent about their distillation process and make it a priority to make sure all their oils are 100% pure.

They are the only company I feel confident buying from and using on myself and my family.

So why choose Young Living essential oils?

Young Living has something they call the Seed to Seal promise, which essentially means they control every part of the oils from when they are planted to when they are bottled for distribution.

They own their own farms as well as outsource through partner farms and they are the only company to test every single batch of oils through 18 tests THREE times before being approved for sale.

They have been known to repeatedly reject batches, even extremely expensive ones, because they did not meet their incredibly high standards.

Their distillation process is like none other in the world and the oils only touch stainless steel or glass before they are bottled to ensure they are not contaminated by any impure or dirty materials.

seed to seal

Something I recently discovered about their process is they will only bottle the first distillation of a plant so we are only getting the purest form of the essential oil.

But after that first process they will put the plants through again and use whatever oil they get from those subsequent distillations as fertilizer for the rest of the plants in the fields!


why choose young living essential oils

Young Living has farms all over the world including the US, South America, Asia, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Australia and Africa.

Check out the details on all their farms here.

One exciting thing about Young Living farms is that you are welcome to come and check them out and help harvest the plants yourself.

What other company is that open about their practices that they open them up to the public?

I have been to their farm in Mona, Utah and witnessed it myself so I can feel confident about the quality of their oils and know that I am paying for the scrupulous testing done on all my oils to make sure they are safe.

If you want to learn even more about Young Livings Seed To Seal process visit www.seedtoseal.com

If you are interested in trying Young Living oils for yourself click HERE.


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Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils?

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